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Chinese food in Bali at Bawang Merah Restaurant in Jimbaran Nusa Dua.

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Currently this restaurant serves our spa guests only. Its sister restaurant Bawang Merah at Jimbaran Bay offers delicious Balinese dishes and fresh seafood you can enjoy beachfront at Jimbaran Bay. Free pick-up and drop-back within Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta and Legian (provided you spend per couple in total IDR800,000). All details here >


Chinese Food
(see also our Chinese Set Menu)


Sup Asparagus Jagung Kepiting
Asparagus corn soup with crab

Sup Bibir Ikan
Soup with fish lips

Sup Tom Yam
Tom yam soup with seafood

Sup Jamur Telur Asin
Mushroom soup with salty egg

Sup Seafood
Soup with seafood

Lobster Cream Soup

Sapi, Ayam, Babi
Beef, Chicken, Pork

Daging Sapi Lada Hitam
Slices of beef with black pepper

Daging Sapi Masak Pedas
Stewed beef with Chinese hot chilli sauce

Sapi Lombok Hijau
Stewed beef with green chilli

Daging Sapi Masak Szechuan
Stewed beef Szechuan style

Daging Sapi Saos Kanton
Stewed beef Kanton style

Ayam Cha Jamur
Cooked chicken with mushroom

Ayam Saos Lombok
Stewed chicken with hot chilli sauce

Ayam Masak Leche
Stewed chicken with lychee fruit

Ayam Masak Pedas
Stewed chicken with Chinese hot chilli sauce

Ayam Masak Szechuan
Stewed chicken Szechuan style

Ayam Saos Inggris
Stewed chicken with English Worcester sauce

Ayam Saos Mentega
Stewed chicken with honey butter sauce

Ayam Koloke
Sweet sour chicken

Sliced pork in sweet sour sauce

Babi Kecap
Pork with soya bean sauce


Hidangan Laut

Cumi Masak Szechuan
Stewed calamari Szechuan style

Cumi Masak Pedas
Stewe calamari with hot chilli sauce

Cumi Saos Padang
Deep fried calamari with garlic and chilli sauce

Cumi Saos Inggris
Stewed calamari with English Worcester sauce

Cumi Saos Mentega
Stewed calamari with honey butter sauce

Cumi Goreng Tepung
Fried calamari with sweet sour sauce

Kakap Asam Manis
Fried sliced snapper fish with sweet sour sauce

Kakap Saos Mentega
Fried sliced snapper fish with honey butter sauce

Kerang Saos Padang
Steamed scallops with garlic, onion, chilli and candlenut sauce

Kerang Saos Pedas
Steamed scallops with hot chilli sauce

Udang Goreng Tepung
Deep fried shrimps with sweet sour sauce

Udang Masak Szechuan
Stewed prawn Szechuan style

Udang Saos Pedas
Stewed prawn with hot chilli sauce

Udang Saos Inggris
Fried prawn in English Worcester sauce

(15) Udang Masak Jamur
Stewed prawn in mushroom sauce

Udang Telur Asin
Deep fried prawn with salty egg

Kepiting Asam Manis
Deep fried crab in sweet sour sauce

Kepiting Butter Garlic
Deep fried crab with honey butter garlic

Kepiting Tim Bawang Jahe
Steamed crab with onion and ginger

Gurami Asam Manis
Sliced gurami fish with sweet sour sauce

Gurami Masak Pedas
Whole gurami fish topped with hot chilli sauce

Gurami Tim Bawang Jahe
Steamed whole gurami fish with onion and ginger

Gurami Saos Inggris
Deep fried gurami fish with English Worcester sauce

Gurami Goreng Kering
Deep fried gurami fish in honey lemon sauce

Gurami Tausi / Tauco
Deep fried gurami fish topped with chilli,
paprika, mushroom and chicken

Tahu dan Sayur-Sayuran
Tofu and Vegetables

Sufu Tahu Jepang
Stewed sufu tofu with chicken

Sufu Tahu Seafood
Stewed sufu tofu with seafood

Brokkoli Masak Daging atau Seafood
Stewed broccoli with beef or seafood

Cha Kangkung Masak Daging/Seafood
Stewed water spinach with beef or seafood

Baby Buncis Szechuan Style
Round beans Szechuan style

Cha Aneka Sayur
Four kinds of stewed vegetables

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